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Hi everyone

Just a quickie – You will notice that the prices on our website is in New Zealand Dollars.  Printabellas have clients all over the world! Some of you are in the UK, Australia and even Europe!  The majority of our clients are however based in New Zealand and South Africa. ( I quickly illustrated this on the map above, sorry for those who I missed 😉 )

At the moment when you select from the list of printables that you want to order, it will give you the price in NZ $dollars.

I have converted the prices to South African Rands and you can view them here: Price List for South African clients

A reminder that you will not be asked to pay when you order your party printables. The order will come through to us, we will invoice you in your currency and you can make payment either to our South African account or New Zealand account, depending on where you are, and not online via the website.

This is definitely something that we will look at in the near future too, and it will be great if you can let me know how you navigate through the website!  Easy to use?

Have a great Wednesday

Yolandi x